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Happy Holidays from Sunflower of Peace!

Katya Malakhova (Sunflower of Peace Founder and Board President):

Dear volunteers, donors, and all supporters of Sunflower of Peace and Ukraine.


Katya Migacheva (Sunflower of Peace Executive Director):

This year, we leaned on you a lot to help bring life-saving aid to this beautiful war-torn country.


Vita Buchatska (Sunflower of Peace Secretary):

Together, we mobilized our energy, resources, skills, and talents to do an incredible amount of work.


Olga Yasinnik (Sunflower of Peace Treasurer):

We looked for ways to protect and improve the lives of all Ukrainians affected by the war that’s brutalized their homes. 


Olga Zakharenko (Program Lead, Tactical Medicine):

We sent thousands of backpacks, filled with precious, carefully curated, life-saving medical supplies. 


Yulia Kosheleva (Program Manager):

Now, medics all over Ukraine can save lives using the materials procured through your donations; packed by your hands. 


Victoria Prince (Program Lead, Special Initiatives):

From warm clothes to armored ambulances, form generators to hospital-grade medical equipment – Ukrainians asked and we did our absolute best to answer. 


Iryna Saks (Sunflower of Peace Volunteer):

We organized humanitarian drives 


Maryna Bayda (Sunflower of Peace Program Lead, Community Relations):

Mobilized support in our communities 


Marina Kolesnik: (Sunflower of Peace Volunteer):

We packed it


Grigorii Kvashnin (IT Support):

We shipped it


Maria (Sunflower of Peace Volunteer):

We Acted. 


Ukrainian part (In Ukrainian)
Iryna Malakhova (Sunflower of Peace, Ukraine, Executive Director):

And it mattered! Thank you, all Sunflower of Peace contributors, near and far. Your support saves lives and helps us stay strong to fight for the independence of our country!


Katya Malakhova:

Дякую – Thank you! Happy Holidays to everyone and a peaceful and glorious New Year to all! 

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