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Support Victims of the Kakhovka Dam Flood

Nova Kakhovka is a hidden gem of the Kherson region surrounded by many small villages around it. It used to be a direct source of still water to Crimea before 2014. Before the war farming was the primary source of its economy.

It happens that Katya Malakhova, the founder of Sunflower of Peace is a native of Nova Kakhovka. She grew up there and her own family home is located just 15 minutes away from Nova Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station (what natives call it) or Kakhovka Dam. Sunflower of Peace has built playgrounds in Nova Kakhovka, Dniprayny, and Mayachka. We also did a lot of other social projects helping its people since 2012. Therefore, we have direct connections with people on the ground and volunteers that are helping people to get evacuated. We are already sending sleeping bags and food to those who made their way to a hud in Kherson. We are in direct contact with natives of flooded villages like Kozacke, Lvovo, Ivanivka, Tyaginka, Ponyativka, Mykilske Tokarivka, Bilozerka, Island of Kherson Kherson region. We are also in direct contact with first responders from Kherson, the ones that are receiving the victims of the flood. 


We are going to pay for people's evacuations. As far as we know right now, half of the people are refusing to go to Khmelnytskiy and we are going to help them settle in Kherson. The food, mattresses, and all the basic necessities from Sunflower of Peace are already on their way to Kherson which is receiving victims of the flood. 

Please support Sunflower of Peace

so that we can help the victims of the flood

and this horrendous war against Ukraine

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