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Elevating Gratitude: Our Thanksgiving Post

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

In the United States we gather this week with our loved ones to celebrate gratitude for those people who have positively affected our lives, both recently and in the past. We eat entirely too much and revel in each other’s warmth. We roll our eyes at annoying uncles, fix our hair under our mothers’ inquisitive gaze, and crack well-meaning jokes. We love, we laugh, we share. We also reflect on the complexity of today’s holiday, recognizing its challenged history that still affects the lives of so many in the present.

Today we use the same lens of complexity to look at the past 9 months of war. These months have seen so many losses and no silver linings can soften our grief. And yet, today we take the time to elevate the spirit of gratitude. We are thankful for the courage and sacrifice of Ukrainian defenders, men and women, many of whom never imagined they would have to fight in a brutal war in their lifetime. We are thankful for our Ukrainian colleagues, friends, and families who - despite their own deprivation - have shown an unimaginable fit of resilience in order to help others. We are thankful for our amazing, hardworking, passionate, and humble volunteers who have put aside their jobs and everyday lives to mount such immense support for Ukraine. We are thankful for all our donors, who generously contribute to our shared mission: to save as many Ukrainian lives as we can and to get to victory faster, together.

The past 9 months have been full of grief AND they have been full of power. Thank you! Please continue your support: DONATE, VOLUNTEER, SPREAD THE WORD.

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