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We shipped on Dec 19 to Ukraine:

128            Winter Jackets
60              Sets of Thermal Wear
40+           Winter Boots
8,000+   Hand and Foot Warmers
                     Snow Pants & Fleece Jackets

Russia's invasion of Ukraine forced millions of Ukrainians out of their homes, destroyed the livelihoods of those who endured occupation, and left so many people with nothing. The cold winter is here and Russia's malicious, intentional attacks on civilian infrastructure have ensured that the cold temperatures are now also inside people's homes and shelters. So many Ukrainian children, particularly those who have been internally displaced and those who live in de-occupied regions that endured unbelievable destruction are in urgent need of winter jackets, warm boots, and snow pants to survive the cold temperatures. The situation is dire, and these children need our help.


We are looking for new or gently used items in "like new" condition: for girls and boys, sizes from infants to 18 y.o. 

  • Winter Jackets

  • Snow Pants

  • Fleece Jackets

  • Fleece Pants

  • Thermal Wear

  • Winter boots




Order the items from out Amazon Wish List

You can change the sizes of the listed items

Drop off at one of the two locations

Pack items in a box and mark it "For Sunflower of Peace":


  • Newton - 149 Jackson Road., Newton, MA 02458

  • Quincy - 60 Cleverly Ct, Quincy, MA 02169

Mail items directly: 

60 Cleverly Ct, Unit 1, Quincy, MA 02169

Attn: Sunflower of Peace, 100 Jackets in 100 Hours

Make a dedicated donation 

Email us at or text at (617) 237-0617 if you have any questions

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