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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can learn how you can help, how we work, and whom we partner with.


Do you accept other forms of donations (food, clothes, etc)?

Currently, we don't accept any donations of humanitarian aid. Follow us on social media FB and Instagram not to miss future campaigns.  

I want to drop off my donation! What is the address?

Thank you for your kind intent. If you are a medical supplier and/or can donate LARGE quantities of medical supplies, please Contact US and select "I represent an organization." We cannot accept other supplies/clothes/food items as donations and drop offs, unless specifically indicated in one of our targeted campaigns. The space on the planes to Ukraine and in local warehouses is extremely limited, and we have to give priority to  the shipment critical medical supplies. 

What other forms of payments do you accept? 

Please use our Donations page to learn more about the forms of payments.

I’m a Business owner/institution. How can I donate to your fundraiser?

Please use our Donations page or Contact US and select "I represent an organization"

I’m a Business owner/institution/ I work in Public Sector. How can I help besides donation (logistics, volunteering, etc)?

We are currently looking for logistics partners, and if you have direct contact with executives in such companies as UPS, Fedex, Red Cross, any airlines:
Contact US and select "I represent an organization." We also welcome collaborations with organizations with PR and development expertise.

How do you deliver aid to Ukraine?

We work with Dnipro LLC to ship supplies from the United States to Ukraine. When we procure supplies in Europe, we mobilize our extensive volunteer network - both of individuals and organizations - who help us bring the needed cargo from Europe to Ukraine. Our representatives in Ukraine and the brave local volunteers make sure that the supplies reach the people who need them. 


What are your partnering organizations? 

We work with a number of trusted partner organizations based in Ukraine, the United States, and Europe. We have partnered with Razom, United Help, Nova Ukraine and this list is growing. In addition, we have a network of local Sunflower of Peace Ambassadors helping us with missions on the ground.

​We are a volunteer organization from Europe, how can we help?

If you have the capacity to collect and ship medical aid and other first need supplies donated please Contact US and select "I represent an organization"

I’m an individual in the US who wants to volunteer and help. 

Please fill out the Volunteer Form

I want to volunteer in neighboring countries (Poland, Romania, Moldova, etc). How can I help? 

We are currently looking for local volunteers in the US.

However, we encourage you to look for Ukrainian organizations in your region that provide help and support to Ukraine.

​What happens to donations in the event of a ceasefire?

In the case of a ceasefire, donations will continue to be used to support Ukrainians in need by delivering humanitarian and first aid and helping rebuild the country. 

I’m located in the EU. Why am I notified of a 50€ donation limit when attempting to donate? 

The European Law limits donations for accounts without a verified ID to 50€ per single transaction and 150€ over a 31-day period.

Please check Facebook Help Topic for additional information.

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