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Giving  Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is around the corner! Please consider making Sunflower of Peace your charity of choice this year! 


Why give to Sunflower of Peace? 


  • We empower all supporters of Ukraine to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Ukrainians affected by Russia’s brutal invasion. 


  • Together, we can help save lives. Each dollar donated to Sunflower of Peace contributes to our life-saving mission. 


  • We have robust operations both in the United States and in Ukraine. The money we raise and the supplies we procure in the United States are then carefully distributed and tracked by our Ukrainian representatives.


  • We are prudent, transparent, and accountable. We recognize that our donors and volunteers entrust their money and time to us and expect that we will be vigilant and effective in how we use these resources. 


  • Everyone who works and volunteers for Sunflower of Peace is driven, passionate, intelligent, and dedicated to seeing Ukraine victorious and free. We are focused, committed, and - together - unstoppable


  • By donating to Sunflower of Peace, you are supporting Ukrainians both in spirit and in action.


How can you support Sunflower of Peace on Giving Tuesday? 


  • Donate to our Facebook fundraiser. How much can we get in one week? Let the countdown begin! Can we get to 10K? 20K? More? 

  • Speak with your employer about their matching gifts program for Giving Tuesday. Can they match your donation? 

  • Share and encourage your friends and colleagues to donate. 

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