Emergency Fundraiser to Provide PPE in Ukrainian Clinics

Ukrainian hospitals with the greatest need for individual protection have supplies on average only for HALF DAY of work! Due to the weakening of quarantine, the number of people infected with coronavirus will only increase, and already overstretched doctors will be in even greater danger.


To save their lives, Sunflower of Peace together with Ukraine Global Scholars finalists partnered to raise funds to fight COVID-19 in Ukraine. In the last 2 months, we have raised more than $5,250 in the US and used $6,692 from our reserves and, thus, provided 16 hospitals with more than 1,500 respirators, 220 protective suits, and other protective equipment. We have been working for more than 5 years on humanitarian projects in Ukraine and collaborate closely with large foundations in Ukraine, such as Patients of Ukraine and Razom for Ukraine, to raise funds for personal protective equipment.

We work closely with the medical staff of hospitals where we send aid, make sure that each doctor receives his own set of protective equipment, and report on every hryvnia spent.

Our doctors are actively fighting the growing number of infected right now and begin to prepare for the second wave of coronavirus, so your help is extremely needed today. Every hryvnia is important. Save on coffee, luxury items and donate these funds to the fight against COVID-19 in Ukraine right now!


Check out below the hospitals that have benefited from the money raised by our fundraiser!



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